Behind the Scenes – Raelene Ball

Most of us know that the advisers have a very important role to play in looking after our clients’ finances, and our client service staff are also key in looking after product applications, communication and implementations.  However, there is a critical role that occurs largely behind the scenes that most clients are unaware of.  Raelene’s title of ‘Associate’ still doesn’t explain the role she plays in the Virtue Wealth Management structure, but one thing is for sure and that is that without her working her magic, our advice documents would not be at the high standards they are.

Those 50-plus-page-documents you would have all received at some stage do not produce themselves.  There are hours of work involved in building a plan.  Raelene briefs the paraplanners on strategy and oversees the quality of the plans which are produced by both our internal paraplanning staff and, at times, external paraplanning firms.  She ensures the advice documents are compliant and the content is relevant, valuable and appropriate for each client.

She is across financial advice strategies and industry regulations and is well-informed on the products and services available in the market. When we are very busy, she’s not adverse to rolling up her sleeves and writing the plans herself. With over 13 years paraplanning experience under her belt she is more than capable of writing the most complex plans, and often does.


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