Meet Monina Manulat

Many of you will have dealt with her in the past, but for those who haven’t Mon is an integral part of our Client Services team. She has been with VWM for over three (crazy-busy) years and is the whiz behind all our investment implementations and many other critical client tasks.

Super-reliable and consistently chirpy (something to do with her upcoming nuptials perhaps?), Mon has proven time and time again that she can take on whatever is thrown her way, no matter the volume or complexity of the task.  You’re a star, Mon!

And speaking of being a star – and this will embarrass her – Mon also has an extraordinary singing voice. She recently performed at a corporate awards night, impressing a crowd of almost 1000 people. We’re always encouraging her to audition on ‘The Voice’, or other televised song contests (but selfishly hope she doesn’t get rich and famous and leave us!) so don’t be surprised if you see this face on your screens some time in the future.


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